Atmosphere Regolith Vegetation ARVE

Mirjam Pfeiffer

Doctoral student investigating the nitrogen trace gas emissions from the terrestial biosphere using modeling. Knowledgeable in the fields biogeochemistry, soil science, geology and hydrogeology and biogeography as well as remote sensing.

Mirjam's research interests reside in land-atmosphere interactions, paleoclimate, biogeochemical N cycling, reactive trace gas emissions, and abrupt climate change. She focuses on simulating the response of terrestrial N2O and NOx emissions to abrupt climate change.
Previous to her work at ARVE group, Mirjam evaluated the suitability of Mesozoic aquifers for water supply to the city of Bayreuth (master's thesis) analyzing pumping tests and using groundwater modeling. She also investigated the impact of altitude and exposure-related climatic differences on biodiversity and composition of perennial plant species communities following a W-E-altitudinal transect from sea level across Caldera de Taburiente. She discovered distinct community differences depending on climate-related differences in water availability and soil development status. <<

Current Projects



2008-Present Doctoral student with Prof. Jed Kaplan ARVE Group, School of Architecture, Civil & Environmental Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
2007-2008 Master's thesis in Geoecology from University of Bayreuth. Diplomarbeit in Hydrogeology. “Evaluation and Modeling of the Pumping Tests at Heinersreuther Forst”.
2002-2007 Undergraduate studies in geoecology at University of Bayreuth.

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